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Our Staff


dr katz

David M. Katz, MD.

Dr. Katz is a licensed physician, with the ability to practice medicine and surgery in the state of Georgia. He has extensive experience as both a primary care doctor and anaesthesiologist in the former USSR and the United States. After training at the Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY he worked as a physician, specializing in Primary Care, Urgent Care and Interventional Pain Management in both New York and Atlanta.


Dmitriy PelishevDmitriy Pelishev, DO.

As a board certified family medicine physician, Dr. Pelishev, has been practicing medicine in the Metro-Atlanta area since 2009. Dr. Pelishev received his doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center in 2004 , and completed his residency training in family medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan in 2009. Throughout his career, Dr. Pelishev held several academic and leadership appointments, including Associate Clinical Professor at Michigan State University.


alex malinAlex Mallyn

Mr. Mallyn graduated from Tashkent State Medical School in Uzbekistan, where he practiced medicine until moving to the United States. He is certified as both a Phlebotomist and Medical Assistant. He is committed to high quality patient care and developing skills to further benefit his clients.


vladimir sobolevskyVladimir Sobolevskiy

Mr. Sobolevskiy graduated and practiced as a physician in functional diagnostics in Russia and taught diagnostic ultrasound science at Ivanovo State Medical College. As a former doctor he has extensive experience in in-patient, intra-surgery invasive and outpatient ultrasound diagnostics.


dmitriy yepifantsevDmitriy Yepifantsev

Mr. Yepifantsev originate from Russia, where he graduated from medical school and practiced as a neurologist. After immigrating to the United States, he completed certification courses for nerve conduction study/electromyography. His training in NCS/EMG, in inconjunction with his experience as a foreign doctor specializing in neurology, makes his expertise invaluable in assisting our doctors in diagnostics of a variety of neurological problems.